What Kind of Stones Are Used for Hot Stone Massage?

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August 13, 2015
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What Kind of Stones Are Used for Hot Stone Massage?

Hot stone massage is a growing trend, in part because it is available at many of the spas around the world. If you are considering getting a hot stone massage, it can be important to know what kind of stones are being used. The different types of stones that are used can give different effects. Here is a quick overview of which types of stones are typically used in these types of massages.

The Most Common Stones Used in Hot Stone Massage

There are three common types of stones used in hot stone massage. The first type of stone is an igneous stone, such as basalt. These are formed when fresh, hot lava cools down. They typically have a very high iron content, making them highly sought after for use in hot stone massage because they are smooth and hold on to heat for a long time.

After igneous stones, sedimentary stones are another common stone used in hot stone massage. These stones are formed by pressure on soil and rock forming layers that slowly form into stone. The final type of stone that is commonly used is metamorphic stone. As the name implies, a metamorphic stone is one that has changed from its original form into a new form. Metamorphic stones often start off as sedimentary or igneous stones, and change into a new type of stone due to extreme amounts of pressure or extremely high temperatures.

The Deciding Factors for Stones Used During a Hot Stone Massage

There are four different factors that are considered when picking stones for a hot stone massage. The first factor is the composition of the stone. The higher the iron level content, the better in terms of using it for hot stone massage. That will allow each stone to get warmer, and hold on to that heat for a longer period of time. Next the shape of the stone needs to be considered. You want stones that are rounded, without jagged parts to them. Obviously, since they will be placed on skin, you do not want the stone to cause harm to the recipient of the hot stone massage.

The texture of the stone needs to also be considered. Some may think that a polished stone would be the ideal stone to choose for a hot stone massage, this is actually not always the ideal stone to pick. Some tricks that masseuses use involve placing the hot stones in specific areas of the body, and if the stone is too slick, it will not sit where it needs to, to achieve the desired effect. Finally, when picking a stone for hot stone massage, you need to consider the size of stones you will be needing. You will need a variety of stone sizes for the different techniques. The bigger the stone you pick, the longer it will be able to hold on to the needed heat for a hot stone massage, so whenever you have the option between a larger stone or a smaller stone, you should opt for the larger of the two.

Hot stone massage is popular because it works. If you want to start relaxing and giving your body the ability to enjoy the benefits that heat can bring, then hot stone massage should be one of the premier options that you consider for this effect.

If you want to find out more about which kinds of stones work best for a hot stone massage, give Keystone Massage of Flower Mound a call and let us help you figure out which stones are going to work best for you!

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