Benefits of Hot Stone Massage Part 2

Benefits of Hot Stone Massage Part 1
February 13, 2015
Benefits of a Relaxing Massage
April 13, 2015

Benefits of Hot Stone Massage Part 2

There are numerous physical health benefits of hot stone massage; however, there are others that are not as tangible, but just as pleasurable. These benefits include the mental health benefits of hot stone massages.

Hot Stone Massage to Decrease Stress

Hot stone massage is not reserved for physical pain alone; it is also an effective way to reduce stress. The heat from the stones can relax your muscles, which in turns help to relax your entire body, allowing you to let your stress melt away. This is a particularly beneficial technique for those that suffer from anxiety and are chronically tense and in pain as a result. The right massage technique in combination with hot stones can help to reduce adrenaline (the hormone that causes you to tense) while increases serotonin (the hormone that makes you happy).

Hot Stone Massage Decreases Fatigue

Just like a baby, it is very hard to sleep when you are over tired. This means your brain as well as your body cannot shut down. With a hot stone massage, your muscles are naturally given more oxygen by decreasing the toxins and opening up the circulation throughout your body. The subsequent relaxation that you are able to realize enables you to get a better night’s sleep. In the end, this means a happier mind and healthier body – maximizing the benefits of the hot stone massage.

Hot Stone Massage Works Well with Medications

If you are currently on medication to regulate the hormones in your brain in order to combat anxiety or depression, the power of touch used with hot stone massage can help to further the benefits of the medication. By helping to decrease the toxins that help promote excessive adrenaline or cortisol production, the massage helps the medicine along, enabling you to decrease your depression and anxiety along the way.

If you are ready to discover the mental health benefits of hot stone massage, call Keystone Massage Flower Mound today.

Benefits of Hot Stone Massage Part 1

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