Benefits of Hot Stone Massage Part 1

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January 13, 2015
Benefits of Hot Stone Massage Part 2
March 13, 2015

Benefits of Hot Stone Massage Part 1

Hot stone massage has been used for centuries, but is just recently receiving the attention it deserves. Aside from the traditional techniques used in a massage, this method adds heated stones, which are strategically placed on your body for maximum benefit. The stones are a comfortable, yet relaxing temperature that provides your body with numerous benefits.

Hot Stone Massage Relieves Tense Muscles

Tense muscles can decrease the benefits of a classic massage as the tissue is not able to be manipulated as well as it should. The heat retained in the stones during a hot stone massage helps to relax those muscles, enabling the therapist to provide a deeper massage. In the end, you will benefit from the pleasurable feeling of relaxed muscles as well as the lower tension levels you will experience as a result of the more intense massage.

Hot Stone Massage Relieves Pain

Aches and pains throughout your body are often due to poor circulation, which deprives your muscles of the necessary oxygen. When this occurs, your muscles become tired and tense, forcing them to retain fluid. If you receive a hot stone massage during a time that your muscles are tense and in pain, the heat will help to reduce the fluid and improve circulation, bringing the oxygen back to your muscles. This will further your ability to feel less pain not only directly after the massage but long afterwards too.

Hot Stone Massage Yields Deep Relaxation

During a hot stone massage, the stones may be moved around as the therapist works on your body or he may massage around the areas that contain stones in order to bring even more warmth to various muscles. This can bring you into a deep state of relaxation with the combination of the heat and strong, steady massage movements, allowing you to forget about your stress and feel incredible during and after the massage.

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Benefits of Hot Stone Massage Part 2

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