What Is Kinesio Taping?

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September 12, 2014
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What Is Kinesio Taping?

If you have been considering Kinesio taping for stability, post-surgical swelling, or to help you recover from an injury, it is important to know just what it can do to help. Based on the growing science of Kinesiology, you will be left unrestricted, while given the boost to healing or support that you are looking for with this procedure. The main benefit of Kinesio taping is that you will not get stuck feeling like you cannot move from the tape while your body is strengthening and rehabilitating. This is because of the taping process itself and how it naturally stimulates healing and increased circulation.

The Benefits Kinesio Taping Offers

Kinesio taping covers your muscles or joints that are prone to weakness, pain, swelling, or other ailments that can cause you discomfort. What you get in return is less swelling and pain, more stability, and a joint that has more range of motion than it did before the taping. The tape is elastic, leaving you free to move as you want and need to, while still holding in the heat your joints and muscles need to keep them from locking up. Your body will be aided through the guidance of blood flow and body temperature to correct itself on all levels.

The Ailments Kinesio Taping Can Correct

No matter if you are battling headaches to nerve pain, whiplash to a pulled hamstring, Kinesio taping can help. It has been shown to help boost the body all around, from the muscles and joints, all the way in to the internal organs. This concept has only been seen in recent years, but it is as widespread as the recent Olympics to help some of the athletes perform better during their events.

The more that is learned about Kinesiology, the more that scientists will be able to prove how this form of taping can benefit everyone. It is commonly used to aid after an ailment or injury, but it can also be used as a way to prevent injuries. Join the millions of people from around the world that are enjoying the benefits of Kinesio taping today.

If you are interested in Kinesio taping, contact Keystone Massage now and schedule your appointment. You’ll be glad you did!


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