10 Benefits to Improve Your Health and Live Longer With Massage Therapy

Deep Tissue Massage
December 6, 2011
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March 27, 2012

10 Benefits to Improve Your Health and Live Longer With Massage Therapy

Did you know there are many ways massage can help you live a longer, healthier life? IMplement these techniques when you or your spouse trade massages or seek out a licensed massage therapist to improve the longevity and quality of life through massage therapy. Schedule monthly, bi-weekly or weekly sessions to improve your health and well being!


1. Reduce stress. Massage calms the nerves to get rid of stress. This can greatly increase quality of life and lifespan!


2. Prevent illness. Massage increases read blood cell production to boost immunity.


3. Recover from injury. Massage increases oxygen and nutrient blood flow to the tissue and helps get rid of waste and dead cells from the body.


4. Relieve Pain. Massage promotes the production of endorphins, the bodies natural pain killer.


5. Reduce Swelling. Massage improves the flow through out the body and greatly aids in lymphatic drainage.


6. Prevent Injury. Massage increases flexibility and range of motion to reduce the likelihood of injury.


7. Improve Posture. Massage retrains the muscles and soft tissue to have the correct level of torque for ideal posture.


8. Increase Body Awareness. Massage reduces tension around the nerves to improve the brain’s ability to send messages peripherally through out the body.


9. Reduces heart rate and blood pressure. Massage reduces stress hormone levels that can cause anxiety, depression, and increased heart rate and blood pressure.


10. Improve Brain function. Massage increases brain wave activity to improve alertness and mental acuity.

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